Monday, March 21, 2011

Urban Myths

Ugh. Yet another urban myth spam email ended up in my inbox today. This one is a protest of a (supposed) upcoming film called Corpus Christi, based on a theater production of the same name in which Christ and his disciples are portrayed as being gay.

A very quick Google search of "Corpus Christi film" turns up a page exposing the spam-mail as a hoax, one that has been around since at least 2001.  Yes, there is such a theater production, but no, there is no film based on it. There is a documentary film out there about the making of the theater production, and perhaps there is where some of the confusion lies.

I typically react to these urban legend spams in a couple of ways, delete and forget, or find the reference in one of the urban myth sites and reply with it, taking into account the personality of the person who forwarded the email to me. 

There needs to be some sort of an email filter that looks for repetitive subject lines, based on an updated urban legends database, and automatically returns the email with a new "Hey Gullible" subject line.  Either that or have it automatically reply with one of those Nigerian prince scams, sort of a Rickrolling for the Internet noobs.

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