Monday, October 04, 2010

Adventures in Autoland

So my daughter Michelle and I are driving up to Potsdam to watch my other daughter's soccer game when my wife calls.  She can't get into the Durango and she's parked it all the way across town from where we live after running some errands with the boys.  The keys won't work in either door or in the hatch and the battery in the remote is dead.  I ask her to please have her sister pick her up and take her to Kinney Drugs to have the battery in the remote replaced.  When she gets back to the Durango, no luck.  So I have her call AAA so they can break into the vehicle and then she can use her ignition key to at least drive it home.  The AAA successfully gets into the Durango, setting off the security alarm which they cannot turn off.  After popping the hood and removing the proper fuse they try the ignition key, but it won't go in all the way.  It looks like the security system has somehow locked out the ignition.  In the meantime, a couple of hours have gone by.  Liz's soccer game is done and a group of us are having pizza at a little place in downtown Potsdam.  I tell my wife that we will head right home and I will check on the Durango with my set of keys, which always work.  Plus my remote works, so I'm quite sure I can fix whatever is the problem.  When I get to the vehicle I press the button to turn off the alarm and press another button that unlocks the vehicle, get in and it starts up immediately.  Problem solved!  Michelle and I head home so we can pick up my wife and get the Durango.  As we are getting ready to head out the door I ask my wife to grab her keys so I can try them again.  As she grabs the CARAVAN keys a light bulb comes on.  "Are THOSE the keys you used?" I exclaimed, smacking my forehead simultaneously.  My wife answers with a somewhat questioning, "Yeess."  And then the bulb came on for her - WRONG KEYS!  I must say, I don't know if I've ever seen her so embarrassed as at that exact moment.  Apparently it didn't even click when the AAA guy said, "This key looks too new for this vehicle."  It never crossed her mind, or mine, that she had the wrong keys.  Both sets were in her purse, both vehicles are Dodges, and she's so used to the van keys it was just second nature to use them.  Oh well, no harm no foul, and my wife was very good-natured about the ribbing we all gave her that evening.

And people wonder why stereotypes persist.  Heh.

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