Monday, August 16, 2010

Ripley's Game

After the slight disappointment of Ripley Under Ground, I was a bit reluctant to move on to the next Ripley book, but my friend Ed convinced me to push on by telling me that Ripley's Game is the best of the lot.  I'm glad I listened to him.

This book is very different from the earlier two, in which I was able to identify with Tom Ripley and sympathize with him to a degree, even given his unlawful hijinks. For the first half of Ripley's Game, however, I detested Ripley, as a whim of his helps cause almost unbearable emotional anguish in an acquaintance.

Ripley does later redeem himself, to a degree, by helping out the acquaintance, however it's not enough to save the man's life.  That loss of life creates another enemy for Ripley too, in the form of the acquaintance's wife.

I will have to agree that this is the best of the three I have read so far.  After I finish the other series I'm currently reading I'll probably move back to the fourth Ripley book, The Boy Who Followed Ripley.

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