Monday, March 15, 2010

If his lips are moving, he must be...

A breakdown of some of Will Barclay's statement about declining to run for Congress in NY-23:

When I set about on this quest to be elected to represent the people of New York’s 23rd district in the United States Congress, I fully expected that at this point I would be issuing a statement detailing why I think we need to replace liberal Democrat Bill Owens…

Bill Owens is a moderate, not a liberal.

We live in a time of rampant cynicism so maybe it won’t take long for some cynic to gleefully throw at me that famous line by George Bernard Shaw: “When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.”

I fully expect and resign myself to accepting that my citing duty as the reason for my decision will be dismissed by some, perhaps by many, with cynical comments. So be it.

It’s not cynical to state that if a Republican wins this seat, the 23rd will probably not exist after 2012. Which means either one-and-done or having to run in another district then.

Had I run for Congress I would have had a duty to those who support my candidacy to put in as much time on the campaign trail as my opponents. There are only two ways I could do that.

One way would be to go out campaigning even when I was duty-bound to be in Albany working at the job to which the people have already elected me and for which the taxpayers are paying me to perform. This may well be something that occurs all the time – but I could not in good conscience do that. It’s just not right.

It didn’t stop you from running for State Senate, though, did it?

In a different year, I could have and would have made a different decision.

So, in other circumstances, you would have no problem in “shirking your duty”?

Finally, as I have already pledged in writing: I will support whichever candidate Republican voters choose in the primary. Any candidate worthy of the Republican nomination must, in my view, do the same.

Heh. An obvious slam at Hoffman. Are you sure you’ll support him if he wins the primary?

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