Saturday, January 05, 2008

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I know. I lied.

I said when I started blogging again I would do it on a more regular basis. Hopefully, that will be corrected now. TSO is always a good thing to write about, so I'll begin by reviewing last night's show in Syracuse.

In a word - Different. Not in a bad way, but just a bit different than I expected. Our seats were almost exactly the same as last year: Floor level, about twenty rows back from the stage. Good seats, but visibility was a bit of a problem when you have a guy about 6' 5" in front of you. Next year we might go for seats in the first section up from the floor.

Anyhow, back to the concert itself. Either I am getting older or the band wasn't a loud as in years past. At first I thought it was just me, but other people I talked to after the show said the same thing. Not necessarily a bad thing, because I have come out of the War Memorial before with my ears ringing. Not last night. I do think they cranked it up a notch for the second set, and that was great, since that's when they really rock.

As usual, the performance was very tight. They are so good you would swear you were listening to the CDs. The lighting was spectacular, but sometimes a little out of sync with the music, and I noticed a couple of blown bulbs in the light show, something I had never seen before. A petty complaint, because it's not like it took away from anything.

The first set was the usual performance from Christmas Eve and Other Stories. Always great and a crowd pleaser. A couple of minor complaints about some of the song choices in the second set, though. I preferred last year's Layla to this year's Proud Mary. We were also disappointed by them not playing Queen of the Winter Night - A personal favorite of my family. I also heard a few people outside afterwards who said they regretted not hearing that one too.

Like I said......different. Overall, it was as good as any of their shows I've seen. I was also happy to have introduced TSO to several friends of mine who went to see them for the first time ever this year. Rave reviews all around. I am sure they (and us) will all be back again next year.